There are some questions we’re asked frequently, like whether offshore fishing is better or if inshore is the way to go. When it comes to the waters surrounding Charleston, travelers seem to always want to go deep sea fishing – but what does that mean, and is it the best way to spend your spring break in the Holy City? These are the definitions of inshore, offshore, and deep sea fishing, their advantages, and questions to ask yourself before making your choice.

What is an Inshore Fishing Charter?

Inshore fishing occurs in waters that are 30 feet deep or less and can see land the entire trip. Inshore fishing is ideal for catching fish species like redfish, trout, blackdrum , flounder, tarpon, and sharks. Although inshore charters are somewhat guided by weather and seasonal temperature shifts, they generally offer a great experience that doesn’t vary much from season to season. Inshore fishing is also a good way to introduce children to fishing, and it can be fun for even the most seasoned fishermen.

What is Offshore Fishing?

In technical terms, offshore fishing starts anywhere after you reach the 30 miles out mark and extends to what is considered “deep-water” fishing. When you’re offshore fishing, you are more likely to encounter fish species like wahoo, amberjack, tuna, and marlin. Offshore also requires a longer charter day than inshore because it takes you a while to get far enough away from the mainland. It is usually at least a day-long commitment, as you usually go anywhere from 30-100+ miles from the shore.

What About Deep Sea Fishing?

Deep sea fishing is what we call any charter that targets big game, because it has to be a minimum of 100 feet from shore. So there are a lot of gray areas where offshore and deep sea fishing are pretty similar. Although most tourists call us asking about deep sea excursions because they envision themselves casting a reel and catching Moby Dick, the reality is that there isn’t a whole lot of excitement unless you land the “big catch.” When you do catch a fish, however, it does make for a great fishing tale!

Which One is Best for You?

There are both positives and negatives to each type of fishing charter. Inshore fishing is an excellent way to introduce the concepts of fishing to young children and the seasoned fisherman. Not only can you go for short periods; the catching is a lot more “catching,” meaning that for little ones, there is a lot more excitement in inshore fishing. But if you are looking for the once-in-a-lifetime catch, don’t have anywhere to be, and want it to be a day filled with the thrill of the hunt, then deep sea or offshore fishing might be your best option. During cold periods , it is much nicer to be close to shore and catch a lot than to be caught in the deep sea and have to make your way back due to inclement weather.

Many tourists call our fishing charter service in Charleston asking if we offer “deep sea” fishing, and our answer is, “Yes, depending on the time of year.” But if you are looking for a great adventure for the entire family, one that gives you more freedom, time, and excitement, then inshore fishing might be just what the doctor ordered. At the Reel Deal Fishing Charters, we do it all from deep to inshore to offshore for every taste and preference, but we are always willing to add a little guidance to ensure that you are choosing the best excursion for you and all of your shipmates. Contact us today to reserve your boating charter for spring break!