Capt David

David is a certified U.S. Coast Guard Captain and Maritime Officer, that grew up in southern Alabama, on Lake Eufaula, spending as much time possible fishing and hunting. Since childhood, his love of fishing has only grown. The U.S. Air Force brought him to Charleston in 2005 and he immediately started learning how to fish the Lowcountry waterways. The freshwater skills that he learned growing up helped him jump right in to saltwater fishing, and provided for a quick learning curve. David started in a small skiff, and after owning several boats he decided that a 24’ bay boat was the perfect boat for fishing the Charleston inshore and nearshore waterways. He has a unique schedule, being a federal Firefighter/EMT, that allows him to spend plenty of time on the water. He is truly passionate about everything outdoors, especially saltwater fishing. The one thing that drew David to be a guide was the look on people’s faces when they land their first big bull redfish.