Fishing Guides Isle Of Palms

The Reel Deal Charters has the finest Fishing Guides Isle of Palms any body can ask for. Each Captain was selected based off of not just their devotion and love for the open waters but because of their first hand experience with it as well.

What better way of having the right and proper experience with fishing than to have it with a fishing/charter specialist?  Think about it, a fishing guide is a person who takes people out on boats and shows, helps and teaches them the art of fishing.

Fishing guides are on the water almost every day and keep up with what the fish are doing and where they’re going. They know the waters and know where to fish safely. Please visit our website to learn more about what we offer for our trips.

Opening in 2004, The Reel Deal Charters was founded by Captain Shane Flannigan who at the time was stationed in Charleston during his service in the U.S Air Force as a Fire Fighter and served two tours over seas. Captain Flannigan knows the ins and outs of the Charleston and Mt. Pleasant waterways and wishes to provide you with a memorable trip while aboard his boat for saltwater fishing.

Captain Charlie “Coach” Patterson is a certified U.S. Coast Guard Captain and Maritime Officer. He is a natural educator, loving to teach not just on the waterways but the football field and in a classroom. He specializes with the inshore charters and fishes. 

His specialty will not only leave you at the end of your tour to gloat about your amazing catches because you are more likely to make a catch with inshore fishing, but being able to explain to everyone about the fish you caught.

Our Fishing Guides Isle of Palms don’t stop with those two Captains, we have 5 more hardworking Captains who not only love what they do but love the ability to first hand witness the pure joy the first catch is for the Anglers on their boats.

Our other Captains who are Captain Ray Adkins, Captain David Hawkins, Captain Brent Welch, and Captain Matt Callaghan all are certified U.S. Coast Guard Captain’s and Maritime Officer’s. You are guaranteed to have a good time even if you may not catch anything during our tour. They all grew up with the understanding of the waterways and have participated in some form of fishing since their early years.

For more information about our Fishing Guides Isle of Palms please visit our website at and click on “our Captains”. Each of our Captains are all trained differently and will give you a different experience but they all have one common goal and that is to leave you with one of the most memorable times you will ever have encountered while fishing.

Should the idea of taking a Charter with a true Captain and Hero please give us a call to discuss your options. One of our educated staff members are available daily for phone calls from 8 in the morning to 8 at night. Our phone number is 843-388-5093. We look forward to hearing from you soon!